How Can I Get More Patients To My Physical Therapy Practice?

how can I get more patients to my physical therapy practice

You notice lately that other physical therapists in the area are obtaining new patients in their clinic and you wonder how can I get more patients to my physical therapy practice? Physical Therapist Finder can help with this, by listing your physical therapy practice with Physical Therapist Finder, you are one step closer to getting more patients to your clinic. Physical Therapist Finder is an online company that lists local physical therapists on Long Island in a simple to use directory.

If you are looking for an even greater influx of patients, there are other things you can do to get more patients to your physical therapy practice. Here are some marketing tips that can help you: there are other steps you can take to bring in more patients.

  • It’s all about who you know- yes, even with the majority of reviews originating from the internet, word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful tools when it comes to bringing in new business. If you have a friend who is also in the medical field they will refer their patients to your physical therapist practice knowing they are in good hands.  Networking is critical to this if you are not familiar with other specialists in your area. Hiring a physician liaison can always be helpful.

How can I get more patients into my physical therapy practice through internet marketing?

There are more steps you can take especially with your online presence.

  • Start a blog by posting blogs to your website, it shows that you care about what goes on with your patients as well as keeps them informed. Blogs, when done right, have an added SEO benefit.  


  • Encourage online reviews- this is one of the key factors to bringing in new patients to your practice. After an appointment, encourage your patients to go to your practice’s website and fill out a questionnaire about the services they received or they can complete a survey sent to their email. By encouraging your patients to complete these reviews they feel they are more than just a patient, they will feel that you will listen to them in this way.


  • Invest in local SEO- having SEO will help your practice by making sure it appears in local online searches. Having SEO will ensure that your practice appears in the top search slots and that placement is essential for bringing in new patients.



These are just some tips that can help you get more patients into your physical therapy practice. If you have questions feel free to contact Physical Therapist Finder to see how we can help connect your practice.