Training for Spring Sports

Long Island Physical Therapy

Sports such as lacrosse, baseball, softball, golf, volleyball, and track and field are all awaiting opening day here on Long Island. With the start of spring sports around the corner, now is a time where many athletes are vigorously training for their sport. Each sport has its differences, which alter the training programs followed between these athletes. For example, an athlete training for track and field will focus on increasing their endurance and less time building muscle. Lacrosse players will usually have a split focus on building muscle and increasing their endurance since it is a very physical and fast paced game.  Since volleyball entails a lot of jumping, their athletes often have a large focus on strengthening their legs. It is important to have your body and muscles strong and flexible for the spring season!

In addition to these athletes getting faster and stronger for the upcoming season, they are actually helping to prevent their bodies from injury when the season does begin. As athletes build muscle, they are also strengthening their tendons, ligaments, and bones! The stronger the muscles and joints are the more likely they are to remain stable and in place. Inactivity leads to muscle strength decreasing. Now those muscles won’t have the same strength and stability to support the movements it is capable of with training.  Training for spring sports is so important because muscles that haven’t been used in a while are prone to injury!

A common misconception about physical therapy is that it is only beneficial to someone who has suffered an injury. A primary focus of physical therapy is to prevent injury.  Physical therapy helps increase flexibility and range of motion. Needless to say, the more flexible the physical therapist can get your muscles, the less likely you are to experience a tear! If you are an athlete preparing for a spring sport, you should look into what physical therapy can do to have you ready for your season!

If you live on Long Island, New York and are interested in finding a physical therapist to prepare you for your spring sport, Physical Therapist Finder has you covered. The Physical Therapist Finder is a search engine of physical therapists on Long Island. It shows you any physical therapists in your area to choose from. Let us connect you with a physical therapist prepare you for your spring sport!