Physical Therapy for Fibromyalgia on Long Island


Fibromyalgia is a long-term chronic disorder that is sometimes not accepted by doctors because of the lack of tests that are able to determine a clear and known cause. Physical therapy has been known to help relieve the pains of fibromyalgia, and can guide you to the perfect physical therapist on Long Island for treating the disorder.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia include widespread pain in the bones and muscles, tenderness, and fatigue. People who suffer from fibromyalgia may also experience trouble sleeping, depression, anxiety, and inability to focus. In the past, it was feared that people may take advantage of the uncertainty of the disorder and use it to seek prescription medications. Research is advancing and those fears are diminishing due to alternative treatments such as physical therapy.

If you are skipping out on activity because of pain, your physical therapist can help you manage and decrease your symptoms by teaching you how to understand pain signals. This will help you understand, reduce, and manage your pain symptoms using a customized exercise program. Through regular exercise, the risk of developing fibromyalgia decreases when body mass index decreases. Moderate exercise, education, strengthening exercises, recreational activity, manual therapy, or stretching may be one of the programs your physical therapist may design for you.

To reduce pain, your physical therapist may use massage therapy, electrical stimulation, dry needling, or pressure on areas when stretching or contracting the muscles. Your physical therapist will customize a program to guide you in the right direction towards your goal. In order to achieve your goals, it is important to start slow. Be patient and pace yourself. The program that your physical therapist places you in can be modified to your needs, so you should not be forcing anything at times of stress.

PT can help you locate a physical therapist on Long Island that will fit your needs in finding the right therapist for fibromyalgia. We make the process as simple as possible, allowing you to search through the top physical therapy practices on Long Island through our website.