Training for Winter Sports

Winter Sports Training on Long Island


Winter is a time you notice many athletes training for their respective sport all across Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Westchester County. There is in-season training for the winter sports, and a high number of athletes doing off-season training for fall and spring sports! These athletes put a tremendous amount of time into eating right, stretching, exercising, and seeing physical therapists or athletic trainers to help the body heal and recover as quickly as possible.

A common training program for athletes would consist of a lifting and running schedule. In most cases, athletes will lift lighter weights during season training in order to maintain the muscles they have as well as keep the body fit and healthy. In off-season training programs, you’ll notice athletes pushing themselves with heavier weights. The athletes have a longer recovery time during off-season training, which allows them to push their bodies more. The strength training during off-season training is very beneficial for a few reasons. It lowers your chance of suffering an injury, improves performance and prepares you for the year.

During both in and off-season training, it is only natural that the athlete’s body will face wear and tear. For this reason, it is extremely important to know how a physical therapist can not only shorten the time of your injury, buthelp prevent future injuries!

A physical therapist will design a unique program for each individual patient and find exercises and stretches to help improve their body where they need it most. The reasoning for the exercise or stretch can range from building muscle, aiding in recovery or improving flexibility or range of motion.

If you’re an athlete looking to reach optimal potential and have your body feeling the way it should, see what physical therapy can do for you! If you are located in Nassau County, Suffolk County or Westchester County, Physical Therapist Finder can do for you! Our focus is to find patients the best physical therapist for their needs without having to travel far for it!